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RG-316 Silver-Plated Shield Coaxial Cable 3FT

Description: This RG-316 cable is perfect for use in RFID, GPS or other test and measurement applications.


  • Model: RG-316/MIL-C-17-113
  • Dielectric Diameter: 1.52mm
  • Outer Conductor: 2.0mm (silver-plated copper).
  • Jacket: 2.48mm TEFLON
  • Impedance: 50ohm
  • Frequency: up to 3Ghz
  • Attenuation: less than 0.1dB/ft@100Mhz
  • Idle for RF applications that require low-attenuation, low-loss signal transfer
  • Flexible




  • Model: CAL-W0136B
  • Units in Stock: 143

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